I don’t know if it’s because it’s just that time of the year (school year, that is) but I have had these insatiable urges to go shopping.  And, as a true shopaholic, I’ve given in to those urges. It started innocently enough when I picked up a top at Gap on sale, then it turned into a sweater, which turned into 2 cross body bags, and now I NEED a pair of Cynthia Vincent platform heels.  My birthday is coming up (5 days!) which I feel is a perfect excuse for why I’ve constantly been shopping online… Just deciding what I want 🙂

I have been so inspired lately by so many different things… I love this feeling!  However, I haven’t had a chance to channel my inspiration into outfits because of 1) my crazy schedule, and 2) the weather!  I know those really are poor excuses but that’s just how I’ve been feeling.  It’s tough being a fashionable college student!! Here are 2 of the latest photos that have inspired me:

Photo Credit: Black Eiffel

The effortlessness of this outfit is what captures me.  She looks comfortable (very key!) and just so darn cute! I have had a slight obsession with colorful socks since I was young, and I am so happy that they are in fashion now.  The model, Ingrid Sophie Schram, does a great job at letting the socks stand out, but not be the focus point of the outfit.

Photo Credit: Stockholm Street Style

This girl is so cute! I don’t think I could ever quite pull of this outfit like she can.  I’ve been searching for a fur vest for awhile now, but I haven’t been able to find the perfect one.  The way that she pairs the vest with a taupe-colored leather jacket, a lace dress, white tights, and rugged boots is amazing.  I may have to draw up my own outfit out of this…

The soundtrack from the movie Valentine’s Day is so wonderful! It is full of great love songs, and provides the perfect backdrop for a Valentine’s Day party!




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Crimson Mim Slideshow

Want to see how the fabulous ladies of Crimson Mim put together their favorite pieces from the year?  Check out a slideshow of them!



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What to Wear: Christmas in the Keys

While I usually spend my Christmases in chilly northern California, this year I will be jetting off to Key West, Florida for a white Christmas (white beaches that is).  With my What to Wear: Thanksgiving post those outfits I provided can easily translate for those of you who need something to wear to Christmas or Hannakah dinner.  But, for those of us who are going to be in warmer areas for the holidays I wanted to give you some inspiration.  Now is a great time to pick up a new bikini or cover-up since they’re all on sale!  Shopbop is a great website that has a huge index of designers.  All the clothes and pictures I will be showing you are from the Shopbop website.

Juicy Couture Lurex Stripe Terry One Shoulder Dress – $158 47.40This dress is great to throw over your suit and head to the beach or pool.  After a few hours of lounging in the sun, it’s the perfect cover-up to walk into town.  And at over $100 off you can’t go wrong!

Karina Grimaldi ‘Maria’ Strapless Romper$174 121.80This is also another one of those perfect outfits to throw over a bathing suit.  What I like about this romper is the peacock plume which dresses up the romper just a tad.  To go out at night in this outfit pair it with a pair of wedges or strappy heels.

Vix Swimwear ‘Bazaar’ Bandeau One Piece – $145I’ve been craving a cute one piece like this one for awhile now.  I love the delicate scalloped hem which provides a girly touch to a traditionally plain suit.  If you’re into tanning then this isn’t the suit for you, but it would be great for spending the day playing on the beach.

L*Space ‘Slinky Solids’ Lola Bandeau Bikini – $150For those of you who like to keep your skin sun-kissed year round, this is the perfect suit to tan in.  The bandeau style of the top will keep away those pesty tan lines that ordinary string bikinis cause.  Another plus?  If you are a pear shape or have a fuller bottom, this suit will help to slim you through the hips and give you a beautiful silhouette.

Bop Basics ‘Open Weave’ Fedora with Ivory Trim – $65What day at the beach is complete without a hat?  As a thin-haired girl myself I know the importance of protecting my scalp from sunburns.  This fedora adds a playful twist on a typical sun hat.  It can also be worn for many other occasions, including a day at school.  It’s a great investment to protect your head!

I wish you all a very white Christmas!  Happy holidays!



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Black Friday Shopping

Every year on Black Friday my mom and I head to San Francisco to find some great deals.  Unlike most Black Friday shoppers my mom and I don’t shop for Christmas presents, we shop for ourselves!  I found a lot of great clothes that I’m so excited to wear!  While I found so many great deals at the department stores, my favorite buy was at Marshalls.  I usually only search for tops at Marshalls, but this week I journeyed into the pants section.  I found 3 great pairs of pants by American Eagle Outfitters at more than half off the normal price!  They’re all boot-cut/wide leg style, which is a nice change to my usual skinny jeans.  Here are some of the fabulous things I bought…

Nordstrom Jou Jou Faux Leather Bomber Jacket – $58Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Leather motorcycle jackets are so big this season!  I’ve been scouring all over for the perfect jacket, and this Jou Jou one is great!  It’s roomy enough to layer a Juicy Couture velour hoodie underneath for those chilly nights.  It can also be amped up to create a rocker chic outfit by adding a pair of skinny jeans, cute tee, and some Converse shoes.

Nordstrom Amici Accessories Zip Detail Bag – $28Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Purses are one of my favorite accessories!  I’ve been using the same purse almost everyday for 4 years now, so it was time to update.  I’m very picky about purses but when I saw this amethyst colored bag at Nordstroms, I fell in love.  It’s so spacious inside and I would even be able to use it as a book bag.  The color is perfect for winter, but will also be able to transition with me into the spring and summer months.

Nordstrom Steve Madden ‘Tyller’ Boot – $78.95Photo Credit: Nordstrom

As I’ve said before, Steve Madden is my favorite shoe designer.  I’ve been looking for a pair of cowboy boots for awhile now, and Nordstroms carries a lot of great options.  However, they are all terribly expensive and out of my price range.  These boots above provide a great change from my typical black leather wedge boots by coming in a brown suede material.  These boots evoke images of a prairie girl, but I can also see myself dressing them up a bit with tights and skirt.

As crazy as Black Friday is it’s always fun to go out and join the masses and get in the Christmas spirit!  Happy holidays!

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Fashion slideshow with Crimson Mim

The ladies of Crimson Mim show off their favorite outfits of the year.

Crimson Mim slideshow

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Interview with CeCe from Crimson Mim

Check out my interview with CeCe, store manager and buyer at the boutique, Crimson Mim in Los Altos, CA.  She gives some great tips for college students on a budget!

Thanks CeCe and Crimson Mim!

Crimson Mim

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What to Wear: Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving a few days away it’s crunch time to pick out that perfect outfit.  The clothes need to be cute and elegant but also have some stretch to eat that second piece of pie.  I always love to get dressed up for the holidays and slip into a pair of tights and cozy sweater.  This year, however, I’m spending Turkey day with my dad, sister, and brother, so I don’t feel the urge to dress up.  I’ve put together a few different outfits that would be appropriate to wear for Thanksgiving, whether you’re spending it at home with one person or going to a party with 50.

Outfit 1: A casual Thanksgiving dinner with the family

dELiA*s Minnie Mouse Tee – $26Photo Credit: dELiA*s

Jolt Skinny Stretch Jeans – $42Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Cashmere Crewneck Cardigan – $158Photo Credit: J.Crew

I think this outfit is great for hanging out at home and watching football.  The jeans will give the perfect amount of stretch to eat your heart’s desire.  The Minnie Mouse tee provides a touch of adolescence that is balanced by the properness of the cardigan.

Outfit 2: Dinner with the grandparents, cousins, etc.

Bella Leopard Cardigan – $49.50 44.50Photo Credit: dELiA*s

Necessary Objects Exposed Zip Skirt – $38Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Paired with a simple white tank and black opaque tights, this outfit is so great!  The cardigan adds a sweet touch to liven up the outfit.  Jewelry could be layered on to add to the ensemble.  Lastly, slip on a pair of flats for a fabulous look!

Outfit 3: A big, fancy dinner party

Lush Mock Two Piece Dress – $42Photo Credit: Nordstrom

This dress is so sweet and girly!  Paired with some tights and a cardigan or jacket would look so great at a big party.  I love headbands, and think a black bowed one would be a perfect accessory.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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