Dressing For Winter

As a frequent reader of collegefashion.net, I was thrilled to see a post about different outfit options to wear on cold nights.  Even though nights on the West Coast don’t get too cold, as a native Californian, anything under 60 degrees, and I’ll start digging out my snow clothes.

College Fashion.Net

What impressed me most with this post was how Colleen put together 3 outfits for different temperatures.  You couldn’t wear the same outfit for a night out in New York as you would for a night out in L.A., and so she is able to gain a wide audience.

For a chilly night (perfect for San Luis Obispo), Colleen suggests a pair of jeans with a longer tank top, layered under a cardigan.  To top the outfit off she chose a pair of wedge boots, perfect for Fall. Here’s a picture of Colleen’s outfit:

blue-tank-wedges Photo Credit: College Fashion

For colder weather, Colleen chooses faux-leather leggings, with a dress on top, as well as a thicker cardigan to keep your arms warm.  I’m not a big fan of faux-leather leggings, and would have suggested regular black leggings, or even a pair of skinny jeans.

For those really cold nights, Colleen suggests a pair of lace leggings, a black skirt, and white tank top.  On top of the tank, she layered a plaid flannel shirt, and then a black leather jacket with a scarf.  This outfit looks great, and I would definitely wear it, but I just don’t see it staving off the cold in places like Maine or even Oregon.

My one gripe against this post is the practicality of the outfits.  These would work great on the Central Coast, but I don’t see them doing their job as well on the East Coast.  I would have suggested jeans tucked into a great pair of boots. (I think a good pair of black leather boots are the best thing to invest in, because 1) they will never go out of style; 2) they are so practical, and can be worn with so many different outfits; and 3) they can easily flow from fall to winter to spring and sometimes can even work in summer.)  For a top, I would suggest a colorful long sleeve v-neck top (I love J.Crew’s perfect fit tee) layered underneath the flannel shirt.  To top the outfit off I would choose a peacoat that hits at the hip, as well as a colorful scarf to make the outfit pop.

I applaud College Fashion for tackling such a lofty topic as dressing for the cold.  It’s so easy to just throw on some jeans, a sweatshirt, and a pair Uggs during those cold days, that Colleen gives some great tips to keep you looking hot, even when the temperatures not.


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