The Rules of Fashion

After reading College Fashion’s article on the 8 Fashion Rules You Should Follow, I knew I had to comment and put my two cents in.  The editor, Zephyr, listed what she thought of as the 8 most important rules to follow.

Rule #1: Don’t wear white to a wedding.  I’m going to be honest and say that I can’t remember ever hearing this before, but I’ve also only been to one wedding in my life (when I was 10) so the rule hasn’t applied to my life yet.  However, I know dozens of people that have gotten married or are engaged, and so this principle is becoming much more applicable to my life.  A lot of blog posts, like this one talk about not upstaging the bride with a white dress.  Am I the only one that thinks it will pretty much impossible to upstage a bride on her wedding day?  No matter what the guests wear to a wedding, the bride will still be the main focus.  However, this is a good rule to abide by.

Rule # 2: No pajamas in public. They’re tacky, sloppy looking, and show a disrespect for Photo Credit: Once Upon A Win

Need I say more about pajamas?

Rule #3: This should be so blantantly obvious, I’m almost hesitant to write about it.  But, no double denim.  If you insistent about wearing a jean jacket to class, than put on a pair of cords, leggings, or even khakis.  Just please leave your jeans at home!

Rule #4: Don’t wear sandals if there is snow on the ground. Thank goodness for California and the fact that it doesn’t snow.  We are blessed with the fact that we are able to wear sandals year-round.  Your toes may get a little frost-bitten come November-February, but with a cute pair of flip-flops and glossy pedicure, do you even care?

Rule #5: It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. There’s no feeling worse than walking into a party only to see everyone else wearing cocktail dresses and suits, while you’re sporting jeans and a sweater.  In this article, readers discuss how America consistently under-dresses, which in turn can make you feel self-conscious for wanting to dress nicer for certain occasions.

Rule #6: Running shoes don’t go with jeans. I’ve never been a particularly big fan of running shoes, or even sneakers for that matter, so I’ve never been caught in a fashion faux-pas of wearing my sneakers with jeans.  It’s only been in the past few months (weeks, even) that I’ve started to realize the practicality of wearing sneakers to class.  Being on campus everyday for 10 hours, in addition to working with 20 two-year olds, I need to be comfortable, and sneakers are so comfortable!  I go for cute, colorful sneakers that are more of a fashion statement than they are practical. This blogger also agrees that running shoes are a big no-no.

Rule #7: You shouldn’t be able to see your underwear. It’s demeaning. It’s tacky, and nobody cares what color underwear you’re wearing.  Don’t do it.  These days lingere companies make so many great options for covering up, while still being sexy and cute.

Rule #8: Only wear it if you’re comfortable. You know those days when you really want to wear an outfit, but either it’s the wrong weather, wrong occasion, or you’re just not in the mood?  Well, when you forgo your inner voice and still wear the outfit, the uncomfortableness you’re feeling is written all across your face.  A great rule of thumb is to dress depending on your mood.  In high school I used to plan out my outfit every night to save myself time, but something I’ve learned from being in college, is that the most important thing is to wear what I want and what I’m feeling that day.  It is great to save time and plan an outfit beforehand, but dressing spur of the moment is fun!

In my next post, I’ll talk about how to develop your own sense of style, and how that plays into what you wear to class.


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