Creating Your Own Style

As many people say, fashion is an art.  It’s an outlet of expression.  It’s the first thing people see, and very often is how they base their first impressions.  So, you probably want to make a good impression, right?  Well, it’s so crucial to develop your own style, a personal uniform if you will.  As my previous entries have been based off of the blog, College Fashion, this post will be no different.  Back in April of 2008, College Fashion editor, Zephyr, wrote an article entitled Fashion Beyond Abercrombie & Fitch (or How to Develop Your Own Style).  This article continues to remain as one of the most popular on College Fashion’s website, and it’s no wonder why, considering that we could all use a lesson in developing our style.

To start, I love this quote from Cosmogirl, “To have great style is to be creative and innovative.”  As we grow older and evolve with our style, we are willing to take more fashion chances and be creative with our closets.

Going off of eHow – How to Develop Your Own Signature Style Fashion Look the first step is to choose ONE item that you may wear or a lot, or that you love.  My signature “go-to” piece is a cardigan.  I own at least 10 cardigans and always look for ways to incorporate them into my daily wardrobe.   The signature style piece doesn’t have to be clothing though.  It can be a hat, sunglasses (think Rachel Zoe), a handbag, shoes, anything you want it to be!

eHow then suggests flipping through fashion magazines and tearing out pictures that catch your eye, make you look twice, or you just plain like.  Take these clippings and put them in a binder, what I like to call your Fashion Binder.  On days you just don’t know what to wear, take the binder out, and you’ll get some great inspiration!

College Fashion emphasizes making mistakes, which is such a crucial topic.  I think way too often we can get caught up in always having to look “perfect” but it’s so important to realize that the best way we learn is by making mistakes.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many fashion faux-pas I’ve made over my 20 years.  Even in the last few months I’ve put outfits together that, after wearing them all day I realize did not look good at all.  But it’s ok, because I was able to learn what would make the outfit better.

To wrap up my post, I want to show you a girl that definitely has her own style.  Every time she is spotted she is wearing an outfit that would be described as boho or grunge.mary_kate_olsen3_300x400 Photo credit: Time Inc.

Do you agree that Mary-Kate Olsen knows what her style is?


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