As the weather is getting cooler people have been switching into their fall wardrobe, which means scarves, jackets, and sneakers.  Even though California never gets too cold, it’s always nice to keep your feet warm during those brisk mornings.  This season one of the biggest trends is sneakers.  I know I said in a earlier post that sneakers with jeans was a fashion faux-pas, but I should clarify that I meant running sneakers with jeans, and not normal, everyday shoes (or as my dad calls them, “tennies”).  I have never been one for tennies, as much as my dad liked to buy them for me, but recently I have been wearing my Converse almost everyday.  Part of the appeal of sneakers is because it is reminiscent of childhood.  Who can forget those carefree days of jumping into pile of leaves, precariously climbing trees, and spending hours on the jungle gym?  And, I did them all while sporting my pink converse high-tops.

College Fashion had an article on colorful sneakers and Kristina gave her 3 favorite styles of sneakers: slip-ons, lace-ups, and high-tops.  I’m going to instead show you my favorite sneaker brands.

*My favorite pair of shoes right now is hands-down my TOMS.  TOMS shoes is a company that was founded in 2006 that gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair that you buy.  So, not only are you getting a great pair of shoes, you’re also helping someone out.  TOMS has already given away 130,000 shoes to kids in Argentina.  I bought these shoes back in May and are my go-to shoes when I want comfort and style.174-1001B07-LTBGE-HPhoto Credit: TOMS Shoes

Because of my deep love for those shoes, I bought these this weekend, along with pink shoelaces.  I can’t wait to break them out!pair374Photo Credit: TOMS Shoes

*Along with TOMS, I am also a huge fan of Converse shoes.  I haven’t worn Converse since my elementary school days, but I bought a pair of white ones this summer and wear them almost everyday.  I’m debating on what color my next purchase of Converse will be, but I’m thinking I’ll stick with the classic colors and buy black.  Converse are cheap, cute, classic, and comfortable.

*Vans are also another brand popular among college students.  Vans are very  California-esque and elude a beachy vibe.  They come in great, girly colors, like baby blue, light pink, lavender, and a light yellow.  They also sell patterned Vans which can be cute.  My favorite part of the Vans website is that you can custom make your Vans.  How great is that?

*Finally, Juicy Couture makes absolutely adorable sneakers.  They tend to be a little pricier, but they are oh-so-cute!  Here are my favorite Juicy Couture sneakers for fall: 41Go3pW7YNL._AA280_

Photo Credit: Amazon

Adorable, right?


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