A weekend of shopping

As much as I have tried to save my money and avoid shopping, ever since I bought my TOMS shoes last week, I have had such an urge to go out and shop.  After a trip to Farmer’s Market and Yogurt Creations on Thursday, my friends and I decided to do a little window-browsing while waiting for my roommate to finish working.  I don’t even know why I think I can window shop without buying something.  Once we walked into Urban Outfitters and I spotted this amazing skirt, I knew I had lost all my willpower.  I ended up leaving with this dress and jumper.  17179631_001_bPhoto Credit: Urban Outfitters

Doesn’t it have such a 50’s vibe?  When I picked it up off the rack, my roommate told me it looked like something an Amish or Mormon would wear.  And then after slipping into it and showing my friends, a woman told me I looked matronly.  I couldn’t resist though, it was just so adorable!  I had visions of pairing it with black opaque tights and some boots (wouldn’t these be great!).

As we were shopping my friend spotted this jumper, and we all thought it was so hideous that we HAD to try it on.17121062_001_bPhoto Credit: Urban Outfitters

As luck would have it, we all ended up loving it!  It is so comfortable and actually quite flattering.  We thought we would use them as Halloween costumes, although we haven’t quite figured out what we could be in these…

I stumbled upon this blog this weekend, and fell in love with Rhiannon.  From her swingy 50’s dresses to figure-flattering high waisted skirts, I was smitten.  Rhiannon is not a fan of pants and prefers to spend her days in vintage dresses.  Every post that I scrolled through contained amazingly adorable photos of Rhiannon modeling her latest vintage finds.  And, the best part?  She sells a lot of the clothes on her eBay site, so you don’t have to go scouring vintage stores for look-a-likes… buy the real thing!

Despite the surprisingly warm October weather we’ve been having, Rhiannon has inspired me to wear my new Urban Outfitters dress with tights and boots this week.  I can only hope that the warm sun will relent a little.


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