Lindsey from Melanie Renee Design


Carri Telesco: Hi I have Lindsey here from Melanie Renee Design. Hi Lindsey.

Lindsey Murray: Hi.

CT: So, I just have a few questions for you today about the company and what you do.  So, first off, why did you decide to intern with Melanie Renee Design?

LM: Well, the company is pretty small, it’s still a start-up. So, it was really exciting to think that I was going to really get to have a say in things as they moved forward.  I’m a business major so they wanted to bring me in to help have a fresh insight, and just a new philosophy moving forward in the marketing with their new line, and I’ve always loved fashion, so it seemed perfect.

CT:  Cool.  And, so what do you think makes Melanie Renee Design stand out from other designers?

LM:  I think it’s pretty unique and just kind of fun.  Especially for people in town around here that she’s local, and also all our fabrics are made in the U.S. and everything is manufactured locally.  I think though in a more general sense, her pieces are really unique and special and they’re very flattering to more than one body type.  I think that they make a lot of girls feel that they can feel feminine and cute but also classy and sophisticated.  You can wear it to a nice work party or even to a backyard BBQ and I think that’s pretty unique coming from one designer.

CT:  Yes, very versatile.  And, what is your favorite piece in the collection?

LM:  I like the Mamba, because it’s kind of something she started with and carried through each line.  She has it in summer patterns, fabrics, and colors, but she also has it now in her Hollywood Collection in more fall and winter colors.  So, I just love that it’s a piece that has moved through the seasons and forward with the company as it’s grown.

CT:  Can you describe the Mamba piece a little bit?

LM:  Yeah, it’s strapless with a form-fitting bodice, and it flows out to the knees.

CT:  Would this be a dress that you could wear to school as well as dress up?

LM: Definitely.  The one I have you could wear with sandals, or wedges, or cowboy boots.  You could throw on cute jewelry, but you could definitely also dress it up with heels.  Especially the other fabrics, the one I have is a bit more casual, but we have it in a black satin.  So, it’s definitely perfect for many different events.

CT:  What kinds of things are you doing and learning as an intern?

LM:  I am helping a lot with the marketing and just getting out the word on our new line.  I think working for a start-up has really taught me a lot.  It’s taught me a healthy dose of optimism and working with people who are different from me and learning to make sales calls.

CT:  Very cool.  And, so how do you think this will translate into your professional life after college?

LM: I think that the business aspect will completely flow over into what I’m doing.  I don’t know that the fashion part will, that is something that will be a part of my life, just because I enjoy it and it’s fun.  The experience I’m gaining working with sales calls or learning how to prepare and set up an event and sample sale can be very similar to things you end up doing in the real world with other sorts of products and other marketing projects.

CT:  Who does Melanie Renee aim to sell her products at?  Is it aimed at college students or is it more aimed for young, working professionals?

LM:  I think both.  The price point is a little bit higher, so that might deter some college students on a budget.  It is aimed at the typical girl who enjoys fashion but also wants things that make her respected and feel cute and classic.  She took a lot of inspiration from old pictures of her grandmother, and old Hollywood glamour, and some of the stars 50 years ago, who really wore styles that became classics, and had a lot of dignity and respect, but also enjoyed dressing themselves beautifully.

CT:  Have you been successful with college students?

LM:  We’re definitely still growing.  We are a start-up and we’re trying to get our name more out there, but we’re kind of trying to start with a base in San Luis and move out from there to reach California and then the U.S.  We do have boutiques coast to coast, but we decided recently to put more of an emphasis right in the area.  We did just have a sample sale and we had a lot of girls from Cal Poly and the area coming in.  We made a big push to advertise at the Cal Poly and Cuesta campuses.

CT: Where can you buy her designs locally?

LM: They’re sold at Uptown Jeans, a few pieces.  And, like I said a few other boutiques in California and quite a few across the county.  But, if Uptown Jeans doesn’t carry the particular piece you’re looking for you can always go to her website online and all of her present and past line pieces are up there.

CT: What is your favorite thing about working at this company?

LM: I think it’s really fun to just incorporate fashion and business.  Like I said, I don’t know if that will be an option later or if I’ll have opportunities to mix the two things, so I think having my first business internship also incorporate fashion, which I love and really enjoy, is a great opportunity.

CT: Ok, and I have one final question for you.  How would you describe your personal style?

LM:  I would say it’s a lot like Melanie’s stuff.  I really like pieces that are very feminine, and kind of special, unique, and delicate fabrics, or cute prints that aren’t too overwhelming.  I do enjoy fashion, but I also love stuff that makes me feel classy, and respected at my age, and I feel like that is what Melanie Renee really offers. So, I love her stuff.  I love Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters.  Kind of a wide range.

CT:  Well, thank you so much for talking with me today Lindsey,

LM: Your welcome, thanks for having me.


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