Fabulous Finds!

After a quick trip to Forever 21 on Halloween afternoon in need of accessories for my costume I got caught up browsing through their cute clothes.  One of my favorite things about our Forever 21, besides the fact that our San Luis Obispo store is one of the biggest locations in the country, is that it offers such a wide variety of clothing.  It serves those whose style is bohemian, rocker, grunge, contemporary, classic, and girly, as well as many styles in between.  One of my favorite Forever 21 sub-brands is Twelve by Twelve.  Their clothes are dressier and tend to be a bit more expensive.  I bought a great cardigan, embellished tee, and a pair of nice black shorts from Twelve by Twelve over the summer.  After perusing through their website I found some great finds that should be added to everyone’s closets.  I have recently discovered that I do not own many skirts.  Perhaps because dresses are an entire outfit and skirts are harder to match, I realized that my closet is definitely lacking in the skirt department.  I had bought 2 great wool skirts from J.Crew this summer, but after continually staying in my closet week after week, I could not justify such expensive clothing.  Of course, I am now wishing that I had not returned them.  But, Forever 21 has some great skirts!

This one has a bit of a preppy/classic touch to it, and is perfect for winter.66215194-02Photo Credit: Forever 21

Then there is this skirt… ah, I just love it! The ruffle detailing on the top is so sweet and demure, it is fabulous.  And, it even comes with the belt!68866144-07Photo Credit: Forever 21

I think this top is absolutely adorable!  It has somewhat of a nautical theme to it, and I think it would look great paired with the black skirt directly above.  67865749-08Photo Credit: Forever 21

In addition, Forever 21 sells some great shoes!  I love these.  Steve Madden used to sell a pair identical to Forever 21’s but for almost 5 times as much money.  The button detail is so great and unexpected, and the purple is a great color to wear for the Holiday’s and in the colder months.

It is so great to finally have a main-stream store like Forever 21 in San Luis Obispo that sells fashionable clothes for inexpensive prices.  I highly suggest going to check out your local Forever 21 and I am sure you’ll be able to score some great deals on fabulously chic clothes that will update any wardrobe!


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