FAQs about Fashion

Q. What is appropriate attire to wear to school?

A. It all depends on you and your taste.  If you’re comfortable wearing a dress to school everyday, than by all means wear them!  I usually stick with jeans and a tee, easy and comfortable.

Q.  What is a good brand of jeans?

A. I really like designer jeans.  Even though they are expensive, I think they are well worth it.  They tend to last longer, are made better, and fit better to your body.  If you’ve never bought a pair of designer jeans I suggest starting with 7 For All Mankind.  They are so comfortable and just a great fitting pair of jeans.  Paige Premium Denim makes great jeans that showcase the feminine body, in hip-hugging styles.  Citizen of Humanity jeans have never fit me quite right, but it is still a great brand.  If you don’t have the budget for designer jeans, Target makes great jeans.  I bought my first pair of skinny jeans from Target, and still love to wear them!  Gap also has great jeans.  They just came out with a ton of new styles, that there’s sure to be at least one that will flatter your body.

Q. What colors should I avoid wearing together?

A.  I hate not wearing certain colors together just because people tell me it doesn’t go.  I always thought that I couldn’t wear black and brown together, and then my sister showed me how great they can look together.  The only thing that needs to be avoided is double denim, otherwise you’re good to go!

Q. Can I wear white in the winter?

A.  Definitely!  I do not abide by the “No white after Labor Day” rule.  Wearing white jeans brings a fresh approach to fashion during the colder months.  I plan on rocking my white jeans with boots this winter.  As far as wearing white tops, you should never put them away!  White shirts are always a great option, especially in California.

Q.  What are the top essentials for fall/winter?

A.  Boots are really big this season.  Thigh high boots are all the rage.  I’m not a fan and prefer the traditional boots instead.  Jackets and coats are always essential for the cold days.  A great peacoat can carry with you through many years.  Scarves are definitely popular, and provide a lot of warmth, as well as style.  Lastly, I think cardigans are amazing.  They are so easy to layer, and make your outfit look polished and chic.


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