Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

As someone who is obsessed with hair, I loved College Fashion’s article on celebrity hairstyles.  I just got done with a 3 month stint where I was constantly dying my hair.  I’ve had 4 different hair colors since I first dyed my hair in July.  This past weekend I spent 5 hours at the salon, because my hairdresser was stripping my hair of the brown color that I had recently put in my hair.  It was a long process, but I am so happy with the outcome, I finally have my natural hair color back!  I also got my hair cut, and I realized after reading College Fashion’s article, that the short, A-line haircut is most definitely my signature hairstyle.  I had my hair styled like that all last year, and it looks best with my face shape.  College Fashion doesn’t talk about the A-line haircut, but it’s very popular right now.  Basically, it’s where the back of the hair is shorter than the front.  It can be done on people with longer hair or with very short hair, like I have.

College Fashion talks about 5 popular hairstyles.  The first one is the bob, illustrated by Anna Wintour.261596359_424c0052f4_oPhoto Credit: College Fashion

The bob can be too severe for many face shapes, as well as aging you dramatically.  But, it is really easy to style and care for.

Another popular hairstyle they touched upon was soft curls.  This style seems to be so popular right now, and it’s no wonder why.  It is such a feminine and delicate cut, and looks great on most faces.  Brigitte Bardot is a great example of someone with amazing curls!

Farrah Fawcett also has a very iconic hairstyle.  Also dubbed “the lion’s mane” her hair is very representative of the time period when her career was at its peak.  Farrah_FawcettPhoto Credit: College Fashion

Jennifer Aniston’s haircut skyrocketed her career in the early 90’s. The short layers and somewhat shagginess of her hair made millions of women ask their hairstylists to transform their hair into “The Rachel.”therachelPhoto Credit: College Fashion

Finally, the pixie cut is adorable, as popularized by Twiggy in the 60’s.  This haircut can intimidate many women, because it highlights the face.  Women who have strong bone structures should think of getting the pixie cut.  It is very easy to maintain!


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