American Eagle Outfitters Fashion

In my last post I talked about J.Crew fashion, but today I am going to show you some of my favorite fashion finds from a much more affordable store, American Eagle Outfitters.  With the winter season upon us, AE has come out with a great line of cold weather clothes.  These clothes are great for those brisk mornings but can also be worn well into the warmer months.

1. Rugby Striped Cardigan – $44.501340_6019_663Photo Credit: American Eagle Outfitters

How cute is this sweater?  I’ve always loved clothing with rugby stripes, but this grandfather style cardigan is the epitome of Fall days.  I think this sweater would look amazing with a pair of jeans and ballet flats to wear for a long day of classes.  Paired with a long strand of pearls instantly updates the outfit to chic.

2. Cable Knit Studded Sweater – $69.500341_6031_030Photo Credit: American Eagle Outfitters

This sweater exudes a rocker chic vibe that would look great over a pair of leggings.  Plain black leggings makes for a very classic look, while you could amp the outfit up with some lacy tights or leggings with cute details.

3. Shrunken Bonfire Flannel Shirt$39.50 $24.951354_5097_103Photo Credit: American Eagle Outfitters

Plaid is so big this season, and this shirt takes on the trend with a girly twist.  Paired with some cowboy boots this shirt would look so great.  I could definitely see myself wearing this shirt all day long, and even sleeping in it… it looks so darn comfortable!

4. Skinny Cord – $39.500328_2605_682Photo Credit: American Eagle Outfitters

Thinking of winter always brings up memories of wearing corduroy pants.  American Eagle takes a great twist on the classic corduroys with a skinny jean style and it comes in so many great colors, like this dragonfruit pink color.  Personally, I want the black ones for a more traditional look, but if you have an edgier style than the pink would be perfect!

5. Stripe Button Leggings – $19.500424_3066_400Photo Credit: American Eagle Outfitters

These leggings are so sweet and cute!  I think they would look adorable as an alternative to the normal black leggings that everyone wears.  In addition, these are such a great price!

6. Admiral Waffle Hoodie – $34.505496_3382_073Photo Credit: Aerie by American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle has a line of lounge clothes called Aerie.  This hoodie is one of my favorites on the Aerie line.  It looks so comfortable and seems like a great alternative to a regular thermal.  The stripes add a chic nautical theme.

American Eagle has so many great clothes to fit any budget as well as any style.


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