My Christmas Wish List

With Christmas around the corner I’ve been thinking of what I’m going to ask Santa for.  I’ve been scouring different websites for cute clothes, and I’ve found some great things!  In my family we send e-mails of our wish lists with the link to the present, as well as the color and size… there’s no room for error with our method.  Last time I showed you some great clothes from American Eagle Outfitters, and many of those are on my wish list.

While looking at the Nordstrom website they have so many adorable things for Christmas!  Here are some of my favorites…

1) Juicy Couture ‘Iconic’ Velour Stocking – $42

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Ah, it’s so cute!  As Rachel Zoe says, “I die.” My stocking is the same one I’ve had since I was born and I think this Juicy one would be a nice upgrade into adulthood.  Don’t you agree?

2) Betsey Johnson ‘Snow Bunny’ Charm Bracelet – $50Photo Credit: Nordstrom

I LOVE charm bracelets!  They are so cute, and this Betsey Johnson one is no exception.  I love that she combines pearls and big gold links, it’s very creative and adorable.  The charms are so cute and very wintery!  I can already imagine myself wearing it with a comfy, ivory-colored cashmere turtleneck… cute, right?

3) Dogeared ‘Healing Gem’ Pendant – $40-$48Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Dogeared has amazing jewelry!  All their pieces have a lot of meaning behind them, and are great gifts for your mom, sister or best friend.  My sister and I gave each other the Hummingbird necklace which symbolizes sisterhood.  This year I’m really craving the Amazonite stone which means confidence, truth, and self-expression.

4) Juicy Couture ‘Iconic’ Pop Top Mittens – $55Photo Credit: Nordstrom

These Juicy Couture mittens are so great!  They’re very simple and classic, but have added a great twist with the charm.  I love the light pink color!  They would be so great for those cold mornings when my hands are frozen!

5) Betsey Johnson Pearl Drop Earrings – $45Photo Credit: Nordstrom

I love these earrings!  They combine my two favorite things: pearls and diamonds.  I think it is so adorable that it has a bow above the pearls.  These would be great to wear for a fancy Christmas or New Years party.

6) Just Ginger Lace Trim Cardigan – $38Photo Credit: Nordstrom

As I’ve confessed before, I’m obsessed with cardigans.  Just Ginger takes a great twist on a basic cardigan by adding a delicate lace outline.  This would look great with the earrings above!  It could be worn over a dress for a nice dinner, or with some khakis for a day of shopping.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?


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Map of Clothing Stores in San Luis Obispo

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American Eagle Outfitters Fashion

In my last post I talked about J.Crew fashion, but today I am going to show you some of my favorite fashion finds from a much more affordable store, American Eagle Outfitters.  With the winter season upon us, AE has come out with a great line of cold weather clothes.  These clothes are great for those brisk mornings but can also be worn well into the warmer months.

1. Rugby Striped Cardigan – $44.501340_6019_663Photo Credit: American Eagle Outfitters

How cute is this sweater?  I’ve always loved clothing with rugby stripes, but this grandfather style cardigan is the epitome of Fall days.  I think this sweater would look amazing with a pair of jeans and ballet flats to wear for a long day of classes.  Paired with a long strand of pearls instantly updates the outfit to chic.

2. Cable Knit Studded Sweater – $69.500341_6031_030Photo Credit: American Eagle Outfitters

This sweater exudes a rocker chic vibe that would look great over a pair of leggings.  Plain black leggings makes for a very classic look, while you could amp the outfit up with some lacy tights or leggings with cute details.

3. Shrunken Bonfire Flannel Shirt$39.50 $24.951354_5097_103Photo Credit: American Eagle Outfitters

Plaid is so big this season, and this shirt takes on the trend with a girly twist.  Paired with some cowboy boots this shirt would look so great.  I could definitely see myself wearing this shirt all day long, and even sleeping in it… it looks so darn comfortable!

4. Skinny Cord – $39.500328_2605_682Photo Credit: American Eagle Outfitters

Thinking of winter always brings up memories of wearing corduroy pants.  American Eagle takes a great twist on the classic corduroys with a skinny jean style and it comes in so many great colors, like this dragonfruit pink color.  Personally, I want the black ones for a more traditional look, but if you have an edgier style than the pink would be perfect!

5. Stripe Button Leggings – $19.500424_3066_400Photo Credit: American Eagle Outfitters

These leggings are so sweet and cute!  I think they would look adorable as an alternative to the normal black leggings that everyone wears.  In addition, these are such a great price!

6. Admiral Waffle Hoodie – $34.505496_3382_073Photo Credit: Aerie by American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle has a line of lounge clothes called Aerie.  This hoodie is one of my favorites on the Aerie line.  It looks so comfortable and seems like a great alternative to a regular thermal.  The stripes add a chic nautical theme.

American Eagle has so many great clothes to fit any budget as well as any style.

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J.Crew Fashion

One of my favorite places to shop is at J.Crew.  It’s a bit pricier than most college students can afford, but the clothes are classy and timeless.  Over the past few months as I’ve been transitioning from a young adult/teenager into a full-fledged adult I’ve realized my need for nicer clothes.  J.Crew provides the perfect balance of fashion with versatility.  I love perusing the website and finding great pieces (and then informing my mom what I would like her to buy me for my holidays).  Here are a few of my favorite J.Crew piece’s:

1) Dolce Cable-Knit Sweater – $58 dolce cable-knit sweaterPhoto Credit: J.Crew

With the adorable scoop neck and pretty pastel colors this sweater is a must-have for fall!  It exudes a very preppy, east-coast vibe, and would look adorable with a collared shirt underneath.

2) Slub Cotton Masquerade Tee – $45slub cotton masquerade teePhoto Credit: J.Crew

J.Crew carries many great little tees like this one which add a little pop to any outfit.  You can pair this with a skirt, like the model did, for an unexpected girly style, or with jeans for a more laid-back vibe.

3) Silk Tiered Cami – $88silk tiered camiPhoto Credit: J. Crew

Oh, how I love this top!  It is so versatile and could be dressed up for a night out or paired with leggings and ballet flats for a day of shopping.  The amethyst color is very in style right now and adds a flash of color to any outfit.

4) Shirred Wool Skirt – $78shirred wool skirtPhoto Credit: J.Crew

I bought this skirt when it first came out and fell in love with the soft ruffles and the pretty A-line style.  It comes in great fall colors, but I think the pink is unexpected and very girly.  This skirt could be worn with tights and boots, or a cute little tee, like the Masquerade one above.

5) Destroyed Denim Shorts$98 $78destroyed denim shortPhoto Credit: J.Crew

How cute are those?  I’m always on the hunt for a great pair of jean shorts, ones that aren’t too short or too tight, but these are fabulous!  With the cuffed bottoms, and somewhat longer length these are very age appropriate and would be perfect for school.

6) Sherpa Puffer Vest – $118sherpa puffer vestPhoto Credit: J.Crew

I love how the model has the vest belted.  It’s so cute and adds another pop of color to her outfit.  This vest is so great for many different occasions.  And, because of the great pastel colors, this can be worn with a skirt, leggings, or jeans.

7) Girls’ Twisted Pearl Necklace – $24.50erezPhoto Credit: J.Crew

J.Crew also offers adorable and chic clothing for kids!  While I’m too old (and big) to find into Crewcuts, I love looking at the jewelry.  They have a lot of great pieces that would work great on adults as well.  This necklace is one of my favorites.  It’s so subtly chic that it could be added to almost any wardrobe for a more classy look.

Next time, I’ll be showing you some of my favorite looks from American Eagle, a much more affordable store.

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FAQs about Fashion

Q. What is appropriate attire to wear to school?

A. It all depends on you and your taste.  If you’re comfortable wearing a dress to school everyday, than by all means wear them!  I usually stick with jeans and a tee, easy and comfortable.

Q.  What is a good brand of jeans?

A. I really like designer jeans.  Even though they are expensive, I think they are well worth it.  They tend to last longer, are made better, and fit better to your body.  If you’ve never bought a pair of designer jeans I suggest starting with 7 For All Mankind.  They are so comfortable and just a great fitting pair of jeans.  Paige Premium Denim makes great jeans that showcase the feminine body, in hip-hugging styles.  Citizen of Humanity jeans have never fit me quite right, but it is still a great brand.  If you don’t have the budget for designer jeans, Target makes great jeans.  I bought my first pair of skinny jeans from Target, and still love to wear them!  Gap also has great jeans.  They just came out with a ton of new styles, that there’s sure to be at least one that will flatter your body.

Q. What colors should I avoid wearing together?

A.  I hate not wearing certain colors together just because people tell me it doesn’t go.  I always thought that I couldn’t wear black and brown together, and then my sister showed me how great they can look together.  The only thing that needs to be avoided is double denim, otherwise you’re good to go!

Q. Can I wear white in the winter?

A.  Definitely!  I do not abide by the “No white after Labor Day” rule.  Wearing white jeans brings a fresh approach to fashion during the colder months.  I plan on rocking my white jeans with boots this winter.  As far as wearing white tops, you should never put them away!  White shirts are always a great option, especially in California.

Q.  What are the top essentials for fall/winter?

A.  Boots are really big this season.  Thigh high boots are all the rage.  I’m not a fan and prefer the traditional boots instead.  Jackets and coats are always essential for the cold days.  A great peacoat can carry with you through many years.  Scarves are definitely popular, and provide a lot of warmth, as well as style.  Lastly, I think cardigans are amazing.  They are so easy to layer, and make your outfit look polished and chic.

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

As someone who is obsessed with hair, I loved College Fashion’s article on celebrity hairstyles.  I just got done with a 3 month stint where I was constantly dying my hair.  I’ve had 4 different hair colors since I first dyed my hair in July.  This past weekend I spent 5 hours at the salon, because my hairdresser was stripping my hair of the brown color that I had recently put in my hair.  It was a long process, but I am so happy with the outcome, I finally have my natural hair color back!  I also got my hair cut, and I realized after reading College Fashion’s article, that the short, A-line haircut is most definitely my signature hairstyle.  I had my hair styled like that all last year, and it looks best with my face shape.  College Fashion doesn’t talk about the A-line haircut, but it’s very popular right now.  Basically, it’s where the back of the hair is shorter than the front.  It can be done on people with longer hair or with very short hair, like I have.

College Fashion talks about 5 popular hairstyles.  The first one is the bob, illustrated by Anna Wintour.261596359_424c0052f4_oPhoto Credit: College Fashion

The bob can be too severe for many face shapes, as well as aging you dramatically.  But, it is really easy to style and care for.

Another popular hairstyle they touched upon was soft curls.  This style seems to be so popular right now, and it’s no wonder why.  It is such a feminine and delicate cut, and looks great on most faces.  Brigitte Bardot is a great example of someone with amazing curls!

Farrah Fawcett also has a very iconic hairstyle.  Also dubbed “the lion’s mane” her hair is very representative of the time period when her career was at its peak.  Farrah_FawcettPhoto Credit: College Fashion

Jennifer Aniston’s haircut skyrocketed her career in the early 90’s. The short layers and somewhat shagginess of her hair made millions of women ask their hairstylists to transform their hair into “The Rachel.”therachelPhoto Credit: College Fashion

Finally, the pixie cut is adorable, as popularized by Twiggy in the 60’s.  This haircut can intimidate many women, because it highlights the face.  Women who have strong bone structures should think of getting the pixie cut.  It is very easy to maintain!

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Fabulous Finds!

After a quick trip to Forever 21 on Halloween afternoon in need of accessories for my costume I got caught up browsing through their cute clothes.  One of my favorite things about our Forever 21, besides the fact that our San Luis Obispo store is one of the biggest locations in the country, is that it offers such a wide variety of clothing.  It serves those whose style is bohemian, rocker, grunge, contemporary, classic, and girly, as well as many styles in between.  One of my favorite Forever 21 sub-brands is Twelve by Twelve.  Their clothes are dressier and tend to be a bit more expensive.  I bought a great cardigan, embellished tee, and a pair of nice black shorts from Twelve by Twelve over the summer.  After perusing through their website I found some great finds that should be added to everyone’s closets.  I have recently discovered that I do not own many skirts.  Perhaps because dresses are an entire outfit and skirts are harder to match, I realized that my closet is definitely lacking in the skirt department.  I had bought 2 great wool skirts from J.Crew this summer, but after continually staying in my closet week after week, I could not justify such expensive clothing.  Of course, I am now wishing that I had not returned them.  But, Forever 21 has some great skirts!

This one has a bit of a preppy/classic touch to it, and is perfect for winter.66215194-02Photo Credit: Forever 21

Then there is this skirt… ah, I just love it! The ruffle detailing on the top is so sweet and demure, it is fabulous.  And, it even comes with the belt!68866144-07Photo Credit: Forever 21

I think this top is absolutely adorable!  It has somewhat of a nautical theme to it, and I think it would look great paired with the black skirt directly above.  67865749-08Photo Credit: Forever 21

In addition, Forever 21 sells some great shoes!  I love these.  Steve Madden used to sell a pair identical to Forever 21’s but for almost 5 times as much money.  The button detail is so great and unexpected, and the purple is a great color to wear for the Holiday’s and in the colder months.

It is so great to finally have a main-stream store like Forever 21 in San Luis Obispo that sells fashionable clothes for inexpensive prices.  I highly suggest going to check out your local Forever 21 and I am sure you’ll be able to score some great deals on fabulously chic clothes that will update any wardrobe!

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